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The tenth season of The Bachelorette features 26-year-old Andi Dorfman, an assistant district attorney from Atlanta, Georgia. It premiered on May 19, 2014.[1] Unlike the rest of the Bachelorettes (except Sharleen), Dorfman was not sent home by the Bachelor on her season, the 18th season of The Bachelor, featuring Juan Pablo Galavis. Instead, she chose to leave on the ninth episode, the morning after her overnight date in the fantasy suite with Galavis, because he upset her.[2]

The season concluded on July 28, 2014 with Josh Murray as the winner and becoming Dorfman's fiancé, the relationship ended in separate ways in January 8, 2015.

Just before the cast announcement, Eric Hill, a 31-year-old intrepid quest traveler from California, was critically injured on Easter Sunday, April 20, when he slammed into a mountain near Draper, Utah. His parachute had collapsed during a paragliding accident after he concluded his filming. Hill died of injuries three days later on April 23. It was announced the show would honor Hill by dedicating the upcoming season to him.[4][5][6]

Biographical information according to ABC official series site, which gives first names only, plus footnoted additions. Ages stated are at time of contest.[7]

Third place finalist Chris Soules was selected as a bachelor in the nineteenth season of The Bachelor. Sattler made a surprise cameo in Soules' introduction video. During the airing of Bachelor in Paradise season 3, Viall was announced as the lead for the twenty-first season of The Bachelor and Dorfman herself made an appearance in the Hometown Dates episode.

Nick Viall later competed in the eleventh season of The Bachelorette. He entered the competition during week 4, with Kaitlyn Bristowe's permission. He finished as runner-up once again.

Finalists Dylan Petitt, Marquel Martin, Tasos Hernandez, Marcus Grodd and Cody Sattler later competed as contestants in the first season of Bachelor in Paradise. Only Grodd and Sattler found love. Grodd ended the season engaged to Bachelor Nation alumnae Lacy Faddoul and Sattler left in a relationship with Michelle Money.

Viall competed in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. He joined along first-time returnees Brett Melnick, Carl King, and Josh Murray also returned to compete. Only Murray found love and left Paradise engaged to Bachelor Nation alumna Amanda Stanton, but broke up shortly after that season ended.

overall No. in
season Title Original air date Prod.
code U.S. viewers
(millions) 100 1 "Week 1: Limo Arrivals" May 19, 2014 (2014-05-19) 1001 7.17[31]

For this episode, Chris Harrison gave a 45 second special tribute to Eric, showing his past memories that will dedicate this season for him, though it would be seen in later episodes.

The day of the start of the competition, Andi's sister comes to her place for a visit gives a help, where she and Andi have talk to her, sees a selection of clothes that will wear for the night, leaving both of them cried.

There are no dates for this week. Memorable introductions include Brett brings a lamp from the hotel, Cody pushes his limo up the driveway, Jason gives an awkward limo entrance giving stupid jokes to Andi, Tasos brings a lock piece through the mansion gate where it would throw to the fountain. Emil rhymes his name with a pronunciation "anal", Nick S. drives a golf cart up the driveway. Chris Bukowski, a contestant on season eight, featuring Emily Maynard, and on season 3 of Bachelor Pad, crashes the set and asks the producers if he can meet Andi. Chris Harrison then asks Andi, and she decides that it would be unfair to the rest of the men and declines.

Nick V. receives the first impression rose. At the rose ceremony, J.J. received the first rose, while Nick S. picked the last rose. Emil, Jason, Josh B., Mike, Rudie, & Steven are all sent home. 101 2 "Week 2: Male Revue Charity Event" May 26, 2014 (2014-05-26) 1002 6.03[32]

One-on-One: Eric. Andi and Eric go to Ventura Beach, where they fly kites and build a sandcastle. Then, the two go to Big Bear and go snowboarding with a lesson taught by Louie Vito. The two have a fireside dinner with hot chocolate. They had a very deep and meaningful conversation. Eric receives a rose.

Group date: Brian, Marquel, Bradley, Craig, Brett, Patrick, Cody, Carl, Tasos, Josh M., Ron, Marcus, Nick S., and Dylan. Andi takes the boys on a group date to a stripper-themed charity event. The contestants watch a performance by a group of male strippers, then asked to dance in front of a live audience. Andi's friends from last season, Sharleen & Kelly showed up to help Andi judge the men. At the after party, Craig drinks too much and makes a fool of himself, jumping into the pool, among other things which made the producers send him back to the mansion. Andi was extremely upset regarding the Craig issue and Marcus pulled her aside to calm her down and he was very supportive. Marcus receives the group date rose.

One-on-One: Chris. Andi and Chris check out the horse races at Santa Anita Park. The two then have dinner together, where they are treated to a private concert from the band This Wild Life. The two share the first kiss of the season as they slow danced. Chris receives a rose.

Cocktail Party: Nick gave Andi a "date card" that said "Andi, let's get things popping" he then opens a champagne bottle and they toast. Brett has a sock puppet show for Andi. Andi breaks plates with Tasos. Josh and Andi share their first kiss. Craig tries to make amends with Andi, singing her a song about how he messed up and begs her to let him stay.

Rose Ceremony: Craig, Nick S., and Carl are eliminated. 102 3 "Week 3: Santa Barbara" June 1, 2014 (2014-06-01) 1003 5.02[33]

One-on-One: Nick. Andi commented that she knew Nick was a skeptic, but that she was confident that she could turn him into a believer and show him that this process really works. They went on a bike ride through Santa Barbara and had a normal day. They also went hiking and further discussed Nick being a skeptic. They had dinner at the Santa Barbara court house and Nick opened up a lot which made Andi very happy. He received the rose and they shared their first kiss.

Group date: Marquel, Marcus, Ron, Eric, Bradley, Brett, Josh M., Cody, Patrick, Tasos, Brian, and Andrew. Andi took these twelve men to perform with her alongside Boyz II Men at their concert at Paseo Nuevo in Santa Barbara, California. The band coached the men on how to sing their hit, "I'll Make Love To You" and then they were told they'd be performing the song for a live audience. In the evening they had their usual evening cocktails. Andi played a practical joke on Cody. Eric felt like the spark from the first date was no longer there. Marcus and Andi shared their first kiss. Josh M. told Andi that she makes him nervous and that he wants to see her all the time because he likes her, everything about her. Josh M. received the rose.

One-on-One: J.J. The couple were given makeovers to make themselves look like an elderly couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. They went to the park and goofed around. The two kissed on a tire swing. The two had dinner back at Andi's hotel in Santa Barbara. JJ says he feels very comfortable with Andi. He received the rose at the end of the date.

Back at the house, Ron got an urgent phone call and claimed that it was a family emergency. He then packed his bags and told the group that his close friend had just died, so he didn't feel that he was in the right mind-set to uv continue on. He left the competition.

Cocktail Party: Andi started out by addressing her concern for Ron, and thanking the men for giving up their time and lives to share this experience with her. A few of the men confront Andrew about something that happened on the first night. They claimed that he got the hostess' phone number at dinner and bragged to some of the other guys about it. Josh M. was the most concerned about his reasons for being there.

Rose Ceremony: Marcus was called first. Andrew was called last, much to many of the contestants' dismay. Brett and Bradley were eliminated. 103 4 "Week 4: Connecticut" June 2, 2014 (2014-06-02) 1004 6.74[34]

Before the start of the dates, Chris Harrison announced the guys told they are going to head to Connecticut and had to meet with Andi.

One-on-One: Dylan. The couple takes a ride on a steam train, renting out the whole thing for just them. Andi can tell that there is a story behind Dylan that he is nervous to share. Andi decides to ask him about this at their romantic dinner that evening. Dylan tells Andi about how his sister overdosed and died and how his brother took it the hardest, ending up in a coma because of drugs. His brother was pronounced 100% brain dead and was taken off of life support. Growing up without a father, Dylan had to take care of his mother, who was a mess because of the situation. Andi is happy that Dylan can finally open up to her and gives him a rose.

Group date: J.J., Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick V., Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick, Josh M. Andi takes the group of men to play a game of basketball. She surprises them by bringing in the "best of the best" of the WNBA. The boys are split up into two teams and they are told that the winning team will go on to a date with Andi while the losing team will go back to the hotel instead.

Rosebuds: Brian, Nick, Cody, Andrew, Eric, Marquel.
Five of Hearts: Josh M., J.J., Chris, Patrick, Tasos.

Rosebuds won the game. When the group goes back to the party with Andi, she takes her first alone time with Eric. She explains that she thinks he is holding back with her, personally, and that they were stalled in their relationship. The two reconnect on a deeper level and Andi feels better about things. Next, she and Brian go down to the basketball court and play together. Brian makes a half-court shot, which highly impresses Andi. However, Brian misreads her signals and doesn't end up kissing her, although they both want it to happen. She and Nick V. make out in the back, talking about how they really connect. The date rose goes to Brian.

One-on-One: Marcus. Andi is terrified of heights and knows that Marcus is as well. Andi takes Marcus to propel down the side of the hotel. Inside, the guys not on the date see them and tap on the glass, which frightens them. On the side of the building is where they share a kiss. At their romantic dinner, Marcus receives the rose. After dinner, they go to Margaritaville to see a concert by Jon Pardi and slow-dance onstage.

Cocktail Party: Before the cocktail party, Andi receives a love letter from a "secret admirer" in the group. Tasos is the first to ask for alone time with Andi. Brian takes Andi to the court where they played earlier and explains that he regretted not kissing her earlier and kisses her on the dark court. Eric takes Andi to talk to her, worried that their relationship is moving too slowly. Eric tells Andi that he thinks that she is the problem and that she is acting and that this isn't real to her. Andi is clearly insulted and tells him that he is repeatedly offending her. Andi tells Eric that she can't be with someone who doesn't believe in her and sends him home early.

Rose Ceremony: Tasos is sent home. Afterwards, Andi and the guys declared the journey isn't over yet and they'll be heading to Marseille, France. 104 5 "The Journey So Far" June 9, 2014 (2014-06-09) TBA 4.48[35] In this one-hour special entitled The Journey So Far to look back on Andi's journey to find love. Also, Andi discusses on what reflecting on Eric's decision to quit the competition. 105 6 "Week 5: Marseille, France" June 16, 2014 (2014-06-16) 1005 6.50[36]

One-on-one: Josh M. Andi and Josh walk around Marseille, France together before going out on a romantic sailboat ride.

Group date: The guys receive a group date card that is blank. They receive lessons in mime and then later perform for the public.

One-on-one: Brian. Andi and Brian go to a local French movie theater and get an advance screening of The Hundred-Foot Journey (film). Afterwards they head over to a market and buy ingredients to make a recipe, as the characters did in the film.

Cocktail party: There is no cocktail party. Andi's mind is made up.

Rose Ceremony: Three men are sent home. Patrick, Marquel and Andrew. In the end, Andi tells the guys that will be heading to Venice, Italy. 106 7 "Week 6: Venice, Italy" June 23, 2014 (2014-06-23) 1007 6.05[37]

One-on-one: Nick V. There is no date card and the date started as soon as the group of men meet with Andi. The rest of the guys are shocked that she chose Nick, as Cody has not had a one-on-one with Andi yet and everyone else has. The two start out in a gondola ride. The two then go and do some sight-seeing. The go under the Bridge of Sighs, where they kiss. Nick admits to himself that he is falling in love with Andi. The two have dinner in a masquerade hall. Andi confronts him about the drama that took place the week before. Andi feels that if he is arrogant about his place in the competition, then he should not stay on. However, Nick explains himself and she gives him the rose. Andi then presents Nick with a mask and they go outside and dance to a string and accordion trio.

Group date: Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, J.J., Chris. Andi take the group of guys and they are told that they must take lie detector tests. Andi volunteers to go first. After his test, Dylan becomes sick and goes to the hotel. It is revealed during his test that Chris is Andi's secret admirer. Andi lied in two of her questions, "Is Italy your favorite country?" and "Are all of the guys here for the right reasons?" Andi decides to rip up the results of the guys' tests to prove to them that she trusts them.

At the party, Brian takes her aside to do a fake lie detector test, since she ripped up his results along with the others. The other guys talk about who Andi's secret admirer could be. Marcus tells Andi that he thought about leaving toward the beginning of the show and that he decided against it. Andi appreciates his honestly and is glad that he stayed.

One-on-one: Cody. Andi and Cody go to Verona for their date, and reenact Romeo and Juliet. Cody wanted to show Andi he was in love with her, but she did not feel the same. She saw Cody as more of a good friend. So he was not given a rose and Andi sent him home.

Cocktail Party: Nick takes Andi first right when she arrives, much to the annoyance of the rest of the contestants who later confront Nick about this. He defends himself, stating that he is not here to make friends; he's here to find his wife. Later, Andi talks to Chris Harrison, to whom she admits that she is doubting the process of being the Bachelorette.

Rose Ceremony: Dylan is called first. Josh is given the last rose. J.J is sent home. In the end, Andi announces the guys are leaving Italy to Belgium. 107 8 "Week 7: Belgium" June 30, 2014 (2014-06-30) 1007 6.30[38]

One-on-one: Marcus. Andi wanted to reconnect with Marcus and they walked around Brussels, sampling the cuisine. Marcus opened up about his painful childhood. Later, after Andi returned to the hotel, Nick managed to locate her room and asked her out to a cafe.

One-on-one: Josh. Andi and Josh walked around the historic city of Ghent. At the end they were treated to a private performance by American Young.

Group date: Nick, Brian, Chris, Dylan. They all went to a monastery. Andi worked on some pottery with Chris. Nick was feeling rather confident of getting the group date rose because of his secret cafe date. Then, Andi announced that Nick was indeed getting the rose, which also meant that he was guaranteed a hometown date. Andi and Nick had dinner in Dinant, while the other three returned to the hotel. After Nick returned, the other three attacked him verbally, accusing him of being more interested in playing the strategic game than in Andi.

Cocktail Party: Nick antagonized the others even further by stealing Andi away from Brian, even though he already had a rose.

Rose Ceremony: Brian, Chris and Dylan felt certain that only one of them would be getting a rose and the other two would be going home. They were correct. Nick already had a rose, and Marcus, Josh and Chris received the other three. 108 9 "Week 8: Hometown Dates" July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07) 1008 6.83[39]

Nick: The hometown date started in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who gives her a treat of the city including a tour of a famous brewery while drink a glass of beer, and enjoy polka dancing. Then, he brings Andi to introduce to his large family – all 17 of them (his parents and 10 siblings), especially his 9-year-old sister Bella, who is close to him and gives emotional to get an approval.

Chris: The next is Chris' hometown in a tiny town of Arlington, Iowa where they visit his farm. Chris, a farmer, gives Andi a tour of a scenic Iowan countryside where they ride tractor, harvesting grains of corn and picnicking together with a sign of "Chris Loves Andi" trailing from a plane above. Then, they shared for an evening fantasy of his childhood memories playing hide and seek as when Andi meets Chris' family, which they could get a certain approval where Andi may give up her city life into a country lifestyle.

Josh: Next is Josh's hometown in Tampa, Florida where Andi meet him at a baseball field, spend their time to play baseball which Josh was used to be a baseball player after gave up the sport from a certain injury to give time with his family. Then, he took Andi to his house and meets his family, including his brother, football player Aaron Murray and Andi is more concerned on how being priority on athleticism for being on his knitted-family.

Marcus: Last is Marcus' hometown visit in Dallas, Texas and took them to Highland Park Village where reenacted on their first date together, Marcus strips his clothes down. There, he meets Andi to his family where is more supportive to him shows within a deep feelings that makes clear may be the love of his life.

The men and Andi came to Chris Harrison's house in Los Angeles informed the tragic news about Eric Hill. The scene was very emotional. Everyone, including the camera crew and producers, cried and hugged for a long time. Andi was upset because the last time she saw Eric was when she confronted him and kicked him out.

Rose Ceremony: The ceremony was rather solemn as it was held only 24 hours after everyone was informed of Eric Hill's death. Josh got the first rose and Nick got the last one meaning Marcus got sent home feeling devastated. 109 10 "Week 9: Dominican Republic (Overnight Dates)" July 14, 2014 (2014-07-14) 1009 6.65[40]

Nick and Andi flew by helicopter to a private island. Andi asked Nick to tell her more about his previous breakup. Later, Nick showed Andi a book that he had made that described their journey so far. Nick told Andi that he loved her.

Josh and Andi walked around the streets of Santo Domingo. A group of children invited them to join their baseball game. Josh also told Andi that he loved her.

Chris and Andi went to a ranch and rode horses. At the hotel, Andi decided to send Chris home before opening the Fantasy Suite card. Later, she explained to Chris Harrison that her decision was made partly because she wasn't sure how she would fit in in Iowa, but primarily because she didn't feel the foundation of a relationship with him. She emphasized that he was a classy guy and a perfect gentleman throughout.

Rose Ceremony: Chris was gone but Andi felt that it was important to hold the Rose Ceremony anyway, in order to give Nick and Josh a last chance to decide whether to stay or go. They both gladly accepted the roses. 110 11 "The Men Tell All" July 21, 2014 (2014-07-21) TBA 6.80[41]

The show opened with an appearance by Ashley and J.P. from season seven of The Bachelorette. Ashley is expecting a baby. They announced that they are preparing to move to Miami. Then an ultrasound was performed on stage in order to find out the gender of the baby. (It's a boy!)

There was a lengthy discussion about what Andrew may have said to JJ at the Rose Ceremony, which offended Marquel. JJ stuck to his story and Andrew denied having said it. There was a clip showing Andrew saying something to JJ, but there was no audio.

Marcus apologized for saying that he didn't love Andi while he was leaving in the limo. He said that it was said in the heat of the moment and he didn't really mean it.

Chris said that he knew all along that the prospect of moving to Iowa was going to be tough for Andi. A lady in the audience asked to come down to the stage and ask Chris a question. Later she did a "speed date" with him during the commercial break.

Andi got some closure with Marcus and Chris, and answered questions from some of the other guys. She specifically denied the rumor that she is pregnant. Chris Harrison revealed that he had saved the results of the lie detector test, and read some of them. He asked Andi if she wanted to know which questions Josh had lied about and she said she didn't want to know. Then the bloopers were shown. During the end credits, Chris Harrison is seen delivering a handwritten note to Andi. She puts it on the table and stares at it. 111 12 "Week 10: Dominican Republic (Season Finale)" July 28, 2014 (2014-07-28) 1010 7.50[42] After a breathtaking 10 weeks with Andi, Josh and Nick meet Andi's mom, dad, sister, and brother in law. Both men get Mr. Dorfman's blessing. Now, it is time for one last date for each of the bachelors. Andi takes Josh on a boat ride around the Caribbean. They have a very romantic date. The next day, Nick and Andi go driving around the island and have a romantic picnic lunch in a disclosed area. After lunch, it's time for a swim. Both men invite Andi back to their rooms for quiet time. They talk about their futures together. The next morning, Andi knocks on Nicks door, then it goes to commercial. When they come back, Andi tells Nick that she doesn't feel right about their relationship and he tells her how she made him feel that he was the one. After Nick leaves, Josh meets Andi and proposes to her. On the "After the final rose", it is shown that Nick has been searching for closure and that he was the one who had written the letter for Andi. He shares how he is still in love with her and questions why they made love in the fantasy suite if she didn't love him. 112 13 "After the Final Rose" July 28, 2014 (2014-07-28) TBA 7.90[42] Josh and Andi are now engaged and become happily ever after. While they are become good friends, Nick and Josh face to face with each other. A sneak peek of the new show Bachelor in Paradise shown at the end.

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos

Andi Bear photos