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Published: 23:42 BST, 5 April 2018 | Updated: 00:47 BST, 6 April 2018

Jaime King is doing her best to get back in the swing of normal life after her four-year-old son was involved in a brutal attack in Beverly Hills. 

The 38-year-old actress still looked visibly shaken as she was snapped for the first time since Wednesday's incident, when a vagrant jumped on her car roof and smashed its windows in an attempt to attach the child. 

Dressed in black pants and a matching leather jacket, the mother of two made a short stop at the pharmacy in a loner car.

Carrying on: Jaime King was seen for the first time since her shocking incident in Beverly Hills as she stepped out in the 90210 on Thursday

The actress looked shaken and downcast as she left a building.

The star wore a black leather motorcycle jacket over a white T-shirt and black slacks with Gucci slippers as she modeled long gold earrings and wore her hair up.

It seemed as if she also stopped at Starbucks as she was carrying a beverage and snack and bag.

Brave: The 38-year-old actress still looked visibly shaken as she wore a black leather jacket

Refreshment: It seemed as if she also stopped at Starbucks as she was carrying a beverage and snack and bag 

King released a statement on Thursday where she revealed that the attack on her car that left her four-year-old son covered in window glass was even more violent that previously reported.

'The attack was incredibly violent, and my four-year-old son was obviously the target of the individual's brutal attack, which is terrifying,' King said in a statement about the Wednesday incident in Beverly Hills.

King, 38, was on the trendy shopping strip of Bedford Drive when a disheveled man with a skateboard jumped on the actresses' parked Mercedes-Benz and kicked in the rear window to attack her son - but luckily the actress' friend was in the driver's seat and leaped out to confront the suspect.

Jaime King (left) was running errands on the trendy shopping strip of Bedford Drive when a disheveled man jumped on her car and smashed the windows. Floyd (right) was arrested

'My brave friend Judit Balogh used her self-defense training to try and keep the individual from harming James Knight while glass was shattering on him, as the perpetrator jumped on the roof until it collapsed and kicked in windows trying to get to him,' King recalled.

'He threw a bottle at her, hitting and assaulting her, but he couldn't catch her. Without her bravery and selflessness, I couldn't imagine the outcome,' said King. 

The boy was secured in the rear seat and was shaken but uninjured after broken glass showered on him during the attack. The suspect fled the scene but was captured by police nearby.

Suspect Paul Francis Floyd is seen left in a 2017 mugshot and right in a 2012 arrest. Since August, he has been arrested seven times in Los Angeles County on various charges

The suspect was identified as Paul Francis Floyd, 47, and is charged with felony child endangerment, misdemeanor battery and two counts of felony vandalism in the shocking attack. Floyd has seven prior arrests in Los Angeles County since August.  

In her statement, King also expressed thanks to the Beverly Hills police who have been 'supportive through the entire ordeal' as well as kind bystanders who rushed to assist her and her son. 

However she had harsh words for the paparazzi for'terrorizing' her son and 'shoving cameras in our face during an attack, whilst he was shaking and crying instead of trying to help'.

Police have said they are considering secondary cases against papparazzi, citing California Penal Code Section 11414: 'Intentional harassment of a child or ward of another person because of that person’s employment.'

King also called on elected officials to tackle the issue of homelessness, a mounting crisis in California that has not spared Beverly Hills. 

'Mental health, drug addiction, and homelessness are issues that need to be addressed, and we desperately need more resources dedicated to helping the people suffering,' King said. 'We as a society can do better than to let those in need endanger themselves and those around them without the help they require.'

Los Angeles has seen a massive 75 per cent surge in homelessness over the past three years, with the area's homeless population approaching 60,000 - and Beverly Hills is not immune.

The incident occurred just across the street from Anastasia Nail Salon, a celebrity hotspot. Pictured are Kim Kardashian (left) and Paris Hilton (right) visiting the nail salon

The interior of Anastasia Nail Salon is seen. King's car was attacked just across the street

Bedford Drive is a street within the village of Beverly Hills where celebrities flock for beauty treatments.

Shop employees in the area tell DailyMail.com that they've seen a rise in vagrants in the area over the past six months. 

It's a far cry from the usual sidewalk traffic, with Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Emmy Rossum, Jessica Alba and Serena Williams often seen there to visit the best doctors. Top cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and therapists have offices on the very block where King's car was damaged.

Kim Kardashian also is a frequent visitor of Bedford Drive as she gets her eyebrows shaped at Anastasia and her nails done at Beverly Hills Nail Design, both of which are just steps from where the King incident took place.

And Kyle Richards' clothing boutique Alene Too - where her co-stars Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump shop - has an entrance on Bedford Drive.

Vanderpump's restaurant Villa Blanca is just around the corner. And one block over is Dr Simon Ourian's Epione, where Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney get their procedures done and Kylie Jenner has her lips filled.

Both King's front and back windows were shattered (left) during the bizarre attack on Wednesday. Right: Cops take away a suspect 

Actress Jaime King was left distraught after a shocking attack in Beverly Hills on Wednesday 

King was outside of the parked car at the time of the attack, but her friend was in the driver seat and her son James was still in his car seat in the back 

King appeared to be in tears in the aftermath of the dramatic attack as police looked at her car

Floyd allegedly smashed the front window and then jumped onto the rear windshield, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department. 

King's four-year-old son James Knight Newman was inside the car, secured in a car seat in the back, when he was struck by glass from the window. 

The actress was outside of the vehicle at the time of the crime, but her friend was still in in the driver's seat.

Floyd has since been taken into custody and charged with felony child endangerment, misdemeanor battery, and two counts of felony vandalism.

When he was taken into custody, Floyd looked disheveled and dirty, suggesting he may be among the county's nearly 60,000 homeless people. 

Floyd is being held on 0,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on April 6. 

Court records show that he has been arrested seven other times in the past year, for at least one felony and multiple misdemeanors.

Los Angeles County is currently dealing with a massive homeless problem, with an estimated 57,000 people living on the streets. Above, a homeless woman in Beverly Hills in 2009 

Floyd's most recent arrest was in the early morning hours of February 23 by the Los Angeles Sheriff's park bureau patrol.

DailyMail.com called the Beverly Hills police Thursday morning to confirm whether he was homeless, and is waiting to hear back. 

The homelessness problem is growing out of control in Los Angeles, where many of the homeless population come from out of state, seeking a warm climate to live on the streets in.

But once there, it's hard to get off the streets since the housing is so expensive and only continues to climb.

Over the last six years, the cost of rent for a studio apartment in L.A. has climbed 92 per cent, UCLA law professor emeritus Gary Blasi told the Los Angeles Times.

Above, a homeless man begging on Rodeo Drive in 2013. The wealthy residents of Beverly Hills have been known to give out wads of cash and even bottles of Dom Perignon champagne to homeless people on the streets of the rich enclave 

A pedestrian walks past a homeless encampment alongside a street in downtown Los Angles on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

In November 2016 and March 2017, the county voted to raise taxes in order to fund a multi-billion-dollar, 10-year program to tackle the issue.

And the problem isn't just in downtown L.A. - home to the notorious Skid Row. Homeless are spread throughout the county, including in upscale neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, where King was attacked. 

According to a 2015 analysis by the LA Times, 14 homeless people were living in the area where King was attacked.

In fact, Beverly Hills is thought to be a lucrative place to camp out since the neighborhood's wealthy residents are known to be giving.

According to a 2008 Seattle Times article, the homeless in Beverly Hills said they had received such donations as ,000 in cash and bottles of Dom Perignon champagne.

'This is the finest place you can be,' homeless man Isaac Young told the paper at the time.

'They have a sympathetic thing for us, and we’re grateful for it,' another man added.

King looked upset as she talked to police during the stressful ordeal in Beverly Hills 

King, who is also mother to two-year-old Leo Thames, looked shaken up as she spoke with police following the incident but appeared uninjured. 

Beverly Police first began receiving 911 calls around 4.43pm reporting a man who was vandalizing a vehicle in the neighborhood. 

Floyd allegedly attacked one car, kicking it and causing damage to the vehicle, before he reached King's.

A shaken King was comforted by police as they took her report, and she was also seen hugging friends throughout the ordeal.

King's damaged car was towed away following the incident.   

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