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Published: 01:15 BST, 13 March 2018 | Updated: 09:35 BST, 13 March 2018

Fans of EastEnders have been excitedly preparing for the reunion of Albert Square's scandal-plagued Slater sisters - and Kat, portrayed by Jessie Wallace, back in action.

And 46-year-old actress Jessie promises that her character - as well as her screen relatives Mo (Laila Morse), Jean (Kacey Ainsworth), Stacey (Lacey Turner) and new recruit Hayley (Katie Jarvis) - will be as 'loud and brash' as ever on the show. 

However, while the stars sat down for an interview with the Radio Times to tease their anticipated screen reunion, one member of the notorious clan, Lynne Hobbs, played by Elaine Lordan between 2000 and 2004, was notably missing from the lineup.

Reunited: Jessie Wallace (centre) will reprise her role as Kat Slater as she's reunited with her screen family (L-R) Laila Morse, Kacey Ainsworth, Lacey Turner and Katie Jarvis on EastEnders

While no mention was made of 51-year-old Elaine, it was well documented at the time that she was banned from the soap in 2004 after her battles with alcoholism.

But Jessie is promising that the family antics should be as drama-filled as ever - particularly because she'll be afforded the chance to return to 'full-whack Kat'.

'The louder and more brash the character, the better it is,' said Jessie of her popular character, who was given a softer makeover, ditching her famous leopard print ensembles and heels when she appeared on 2017's ill-fated spin-off Redwater.  

Absent: However, her screen sister  Lynne Hobbs (centre), played by Elaine Lordan, is absent from the lineup, after losing her role in 2004

Over the Moon: Kat's screen partner Alfie Moon, played by Shane Richie, will also not be returning with the gang. Pictured in their 2017 EastEnders spin-off Redwater

'We’re really going back to the roots of the Slaters,' Jessie told the Radio times of their return to 31 Albert Square. 'Them being scallywags. The hustle and bustle of the household. All the banter, the comedy and the one-liners.' 

As well as Elaine, also missing from the lineup is Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), who was Kate's longtime love interest.

'It did feel weird coming back without Shane,' Jessie admitted. 'I’m sure he’s busy doing other stuff. I’m not sure what the writers have in store. What I’d like, though, is for Kat to be single for a while and for her to spend more time with the family.' 

And while the cast noted that they'd have enjoyed patriarch Charlie coming back into the fold, they note that it's not possible, given the fact that the character, played by Derek Martin, was killed off after suffering a heart attack in January 2016. 

Mother-daughter: Michelle Ryan, who played Zoe's sister-turned-daughter on the show is also out - but Jessie admitted that she'd love to see her return on the show. Pictured in 2005

Departed: Derek Martin's patriarch character Charlie Slater died after a heart attack in 2016

But Jessie admitted that she'd relish the opportunity to play opposite her screen daughter Zoe (Michelle Ryan) once again. 

'It would be great if Michelle Ryan came back,' she said of the character who was raised as Kat's younger sister until she shockingly learned that her sibling was, in fact, her mother  'I think that would make for a brilliant storyline.'

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She added: 'I still get people yelling at me in the street, "You ain’t my mother" and asking me to say, "Yes, I am," which is tough when you’re having a really bad day.

'At the time, it said in the script that I just had to say the line. But I was like, "No, Kat’s held this secret for 18 years, I’m going to scream it out."' 

As for whether she's ready for fan reaction to her return, Jessie said: 'I think I am. I’m hoping it’ll be good – I don’t want to walk through Sainsbury’s and get a fish slung in my face.

'The scripts are great. [Show boss] John Yorke has a lot of love for the Slaters because they’re his creation.

'Every day, someone will ask me, "When are you coming back?" So now that it’s actually happening, the excitement is overwhelming. I certainly haven’t stopped smiling since I started filming. It really does feel like coming home.'

Read the full interview in the latest edition of Radio Times, out now.


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