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Maxine Schiff

Maxine Schiff

Maxine Schiff


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  • The Mosaic law: No, it's not out of date

    Exclusive: Richard Rives notes 1st-century Christians knew what Christ intended

  • Breaking controlling spirits

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews speaker, business, political strategist Lance Wallnau

  • Why are there so many different kinds of rocks?

    Exclusive: David Rives points out how we can't even begin to understand God's infinite wisdom

  • Why do Christian theologians go along with deception?

    Exclusive: Richard Rives observes how church leaders avoid discussing pagan traditions

  • Living from the mind of Messiah

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews author, minister James Goll

  • Why a universe must have a creator

    Exclusive: David Rives notes beauty, functionality results from thoughtful design

  • How do you mother an entire nation?

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews author, missionary Heidi Baker

  • Famous fossil layer quietly baffles scientists

    Exclusive: David Rives notes Cambrian explosion casts huge shadow of doubt on entire evolutionary story

  • The dangers of 'being wise in their own eyes'

    Exclusive: Richard Rives notes despite biblical warnings, we refuse to learn from errors of the past

  • Right prayer, wrong place?

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews evangelical healer John Proodian

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  • Atheist trend: Elevate nature to status of the Bible

    Exclusive: David Rives warns against worshiping the created, not the Creator

  • The commandments of men are not doctrine

    Exclusive: Richard Rives reminds us 'believing remnant were all zealous for the law'

  • God: The unseen guest

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews prophetic minister Patricia Bootsma

  • Is the Earth really special?

    Exclusive: David Rives notes scientific studies show how rare habitable planets really are

  • How does an atheist learn to hear God?

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews 'praying medic' Dave Hayes

  • At the time of Christ, pagan sun worship ruled

    Exclusive: Richard Rives notes unrelenting forces of Roman perversion have been at work ever since

  • God and healing: No more mystery

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews pastor, healer Dr. Sandra Kennedy

  • Orion: The mythology behind God's creation

    Exclusive: David Rives reminds us not to turn things into idols

  • Blessings or curses: Which do you choose?

    Exclusive: Richard Rives notes importance of obeying commandments of God

  • You have a choice: The world's troubles, or ...

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews minister, author Francis Frangipane

  • The man who cataloged God's creation: Space

    Exclusive: David Rives notes 18th century scientist's guide still in use today

  • How much of modern Christianity is based on lies?

    Exclusive: Richard Rives observes the idea that God would change His commandments is false

  • God of third chances

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews minister, miraculous survivor Bruce Van Natta

  • Discover David Rives’ “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God” on DVD from the WND SuperStore!

  • Christians must compare what we're taught with Scripture

    Exclusive: Richard Rives warns against listening to 'father of lies'

  • The psalmist who slew Goliath

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews songwriter, author Julie Meyer

  • Bible mentions most famous star cluster three times

    Exclusive: David Rives notes example of beautiful handiwork God placed in the cosmos

  • The Four Commandments?

    Exclusive: Richard Rives reminds us of Jesus' words about transgressing the law

  • Healing from heaven

    Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews apostolic minister Robert Henderson

  • Las Vegas police officer 'terrified with fear' during hotel massacre

  • Jordan to Rosenstein: Why are you keeping info from us?

  • Gowdy to Rosenstein: 'Finish it the hell up'

  • Matthews calls for 'vengeance' on Supreme Court pick

  • Justice Kennedy to retire from Supreme Court

  • Democratic Socialist wins NY primary

  • Supreme Court rules against labor unions

  • Red Hen uproar and controversy

  • Supreme Court backs Trump travel ban

  • War on conservative women

  • Director David Lynch - Trump could be greatest president

  • Sen. Warner jokes about "wild stuff" with Mueller

  • FBI and DOJ report fallout

  • Florida AG Bondi: "Thugs screaming one inch from my face"

  • Rep. Maxine Waters' "insane" call for harassment of Trump supporters

  • Stephen Miller and Jake Tapper get into heated sparring match

  • Dershowitz: Psychiatrists trying to declare Trump is unstable is what they did in Soviet Russia

  • Trey Gowdy tears into leaker Adam Schiff over Trump-Russia collusion claims

  • Fire breaks out at Trump Tower

  • Amtrak derailment: Casualties reported after high-speed train incident in Washington state

  • Former Facebook executive blasts impact of social networking

  • NY mayor attempted terrorist attack near Times Square

  • Al Franken's delivers his resignation speech

  • Former CIA analyst Russia probe is a 'Democratic trap'

  • Israel Prime Minister Thanks Trump

  • Trump delivers statement on Jerusalem

  • Flashback: Matt Lauer grilled Bill O'Reilly over sexual harassment

  • Fox News’ Shep Smith 'debunks' Uranium One conspiracy theories

  • Gen Hayden: China sending an envoy to North Korea reflects POTUS’s effectiveness

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Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos

Maxine Schiff photos