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Sofia Ahmed

Sofia Ahmed

Sofia Ahmed

"When I pose for a shoot I never think about who I am, but about who I am asked to be. I consider it an art form, and it should be respected as such"

Famous for

Her blue eyes and sarcastic gaze, her "bad girl" face, her rocker spirit and British appeal. She's one of the most visible, up-and-coming models on the scene, highly sought-after for her personal allure and her disinterest for the glamorous side of the fashion system.


Her style

She hasn't abandoned her tomboyish looks, and is often spotted playing football in the parks, or else she'll flaunt a tough girl look, of black leather, studs and high heels. "I'm what some people would define as gothic: I basically dress like Beetlejuice" . She's too rebellious to stick to any one look or definition, she loves to experiment.



At the age of 14, after having endured bullying at school, she decided there was nothing else she could learn there. While her classmates were preparing for their exams, she wandered about, helping out her step-father on worksites and worked as a hairdresser's apprentice at Tony & Guy: "It was terribly boring and I kept telling myself: 'I'll never do this job." (This is London)


Her mother studied photography at the London College of Fashion and she showed Eliza's photos to her teacher, who advised her to take her daughter to a modeling agency. Her mother brought her to Select, where they told her she looked like Elivs, and changed her working name to Eliza Presley. But as soon as she became famous, she changed back to her original surname.


Her androgynous looks, her defiant character, her ability to have so much fun during fashion shoots, all help to increase her value. She becomes one of the faces of Topshop, she was featured in an editorial for Dazed&Confused and she made her runway debut at the New York fashion shows for Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Custo Barcelona and Rodarte. She was photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia: "That was a real shock. I'd have never believed that that could happen to me in a million years."


In the meantime, she met the model Ash Stymest, and they began working together. "It was strange, when we met, all people could say was how much we looked alike, that we seemed like brother and sister. Then we became a couple and it was fun, we were together on the cover of Dazed, it was almost surreal. But it couldn't have lasted. We've stayed good friends." (Pony Rider)


In Paris, she walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood, and finally arrived on the cover of Vogue Italia, where Meisel shot Eliza in a way she'd never been depicted before: sophisticated, classic, mysterious. "It was incredible, when I saw the photos I thought: right, that's me. Steven was able to bring out the sweeter side of me. I'm not a punk, like everyone says. I'm a woman. It makes me laugh that everyone insists on calling me a savage."


She appeared in an editorial for W magazine while engaged in a saphic kiss with her friend and model Daisy Lowe: "It was fun and embarrassing, we laughed the whole time."


Sometimes she has to stay in New York for work, but she always returns to London, in the Battersea neighborhood where she was born and where she still lives with her two Jack Russels, Milo and Trevor. Her current boyfriend is the model Luke Stevens, famous for his asymmetric bangs from the Garnier campaign.


One of her best friends is the heiress Alice Dellal: "It's true, I come from a modest background, and she comes from a family of multi-millionaires. But she's crazy, and she's a good girl. And we really get along."


Her dream to take over from Marion Cotillard in the Dior campaign. "It's a fantastic brand, classy, cool, and funky. Especially the menswear line." And then she'd like to become the next Gordon Ramsay, going around the world's kitchens.


Never leaves home without

Her iPod.


In public

Minidresses and platforms.


In private

Boyfriend jeans, ballerinas, comfy T-shirts, trainers.



Converse, Dr. Martens and Gucci high heels.



Big silver rings with geometric motifs, leather studded bracelets and vintage earrings.



Short, fluffy, eclectic. Her hairstyle varies from that of a refined '20s lady to the punk styles of the '80s.


Favorite city

London. She's looking for a house in the Victoria area. "I couldn't live anywhere else. I love my mother too much."


Favorite designers

John Galliano for Dior, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood.


Favorite food

"My mother's roast."


Favorite drink



Favorite music

David Bowie, Kings of Leon and Gary Numan.


She loves

"Cars, football and beer: that's me!"


Obsessed with



Style icons

David Bowie and David Hasselhoff.


Good habits

Walking a lot, playing football in the park, trying to eat healthy. And she takes good care of her skin with specific products.


Bad habits





The Masons Arms in Battersea and Fresh and Wild in Soho, London.



World's end a Camden and The Machbet in Hoxtons Road, London.



"I'd rather pitch a tent in a park than sleep in a hotel."



Dover St. Market,  Selfridges, Blackout2 and Liberty.



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